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Client conditions

Here are some of the conditions my clients have presented with.
Many clients are referred by their medical practitioners.
However, if you have not been referred or do not see your condition listed below,
please still contact me to see if I can help you.

*conditions are ones where I have had additional specific training.

Pre & post-operative spinal conditions*

I have spent many years liaising with osteopaths, chiropractors and spinal consultants and have had success helping clients avoid surgery.

Sports injuries

Injuries such as shoulder, calf, knee and hip. I have had many positive results with athletes especially post-injury or preventing reoccurrence.

Children* aged 11+

I have many years experience both in theatre and movement. I also have two children of my own. Sessions tend to be shorter – 45 mins and are priced accordingly.

Restoring movement

Following fractures and broken bones. I can help you get through the first barriers to exercising/moving well again by gently and carefully explaining how the body is designed to function.

Multiple Sclerosis*

I have previously worked weekly with the MS society in Letchworth with a team of other professionals for many years.


I took a BCPA course in March 2019 and I can work with both children and adults.


Taken BCPA course 2017

Amputees & prosthetics

I have worked with several clients with varying issues.

Postural problems*

Programs are designed with exercises and images that are suited to both your body and personality.

Chronic back & neck conditions*

I have established connections with members of the medical profession and other quality pilates classes/studios so that you can be sure you are getting the best value for money and the best quality care.


Pre & post operative breast cancer

Brittle bone disease

Not listed? Contact me.

Disclaimer - Please note I am NOT a medical practitioner, nor can I diagnose conditions.

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Please note I am NOT a medical practitioner, nor can I diagnose conditions.