Join us at The Movement Lab

Discover the joy of movement, the power of knowledge
& the potential for change.

Join us at The Movement Lab

Discover the joy of movement, the power of knowledge & the potential for change.

What is

The Movement Lab?

The Movement Lab is a space where you are invited to play, explore, understand and learn about your body. It is a place to ask any movement related questions, such as:

How do I keep my spine healthy?

What can I do to keep my knees strong?

 How can I have relaxed shoulders?

How do the lungs work?

You’ll receive information with useful, practical ideas and solutions as answers.

Applicable to all bodies, no matter age, fitness level or current issues, The Movement Lab brings specialised movement knowledge (using The Franklin Method®, pilates and personal training) to you.

Find out more

Simply decide on the part of the body you wish to focus on and get in touch to arrange a discussion and see how a bespoke Movement Lab can benefit your group.

For every body

Our workshops are inclusive and designed for all bodies. Whether you’re curious about why your knees ache or a movement teacher eager to enhance your client support, The Movement Lab offers a wealth of knowledge to empower and inspire.

Demystifying Movement

Our workshops demystify the complexities of the body, providing fascinating insights that go beyond the surface. These workshops are not just about movement; they’re a journey of self-discovery, offering practical tools to change your own body and improve your overall well-being.

Why join

The Movement Lab

Accessible Wisdom

Benefit from 25 years of Jessie Skeggs specialized knowledge made accessible for all by utilising The Franklin Method®. Leading a team of other movement practitioners offering a wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple disciplines.

Practical Insights

Gain practical insights into your body's functionality - simple solutions do exist which can have a huge impact on reducing pain – empowering you to make positive changes.

For All Bodies

Workshops cater to individuals at every level, from those seeking personal understanding to movement teachers looking to enhance their skills and any age from school children to village communities.

Reaching Diverse Locations

The Movement Lab is committed to breaking barriers and bringing specialised movement knowledge to diverse communities across the UK. Our mission is to make expert guidance accessible to everyone, regardless of location.


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