Movement Re-patterning for Rehabilitation

Movement Repatterning for Rehabilitation

There are several ways we move inefficiently, for example:

  • Following injury (eg limping, avoiding pain, hunched...)
  • Habits (carrying bags, holding mobile phones...)
  • Lack of movement (eg lots of sitting, walking in small environments...)
  • Learnt (patterns we have grown up with...)
  • Psychological (Stress, anxiety, tension...)

Movement Re-patterning can also help seniors who have lost confidence and balance in walking and moving, perhaps following a fall.

Movement exercises help recover weakened neural pathways, proprioception, balance and mobility.

Following a movement analysis, a series of movement exercises will be performed, these are not like traditional muscular strength and stretch exercises but are designed for you to retrain and correct your patterns of movement so you can move more efficiently, reducing the strain on joints and tissue, preventing re-injury and aiding recovery and eliminating pain.

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