Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique uses light finger and thumb moves over specific points of the body to trigger fascial release and a rest and recovery response.

The session is quiet and as the body is not receiving any other stimulation it is free to respond to the techniques as the body enters into a Rest and Recovery state.

Due to its' gentle approach it is also suitable for people who may find other therapies too forceful or intrusive. It is a relaxing session that can be given through light clothing.

Many are amazed at how such a light pressure can be so effective, reporting relief of pain, increased flexibilty and range of motion and many other additional benefits.

A few sessions are usually recommended at first with longer standing pain or multiple problems sometimes requiring more sessions.

Research has been carried out by the College of Bowen Studies demonstrating benefits for conditions including lower back pain, breathing problems, frozen shoulder, knee and ankle problems and the hamstrings.

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